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At Studio72 we strive to create a welcoming & inclusive creative environment. We offer many opportunities to connect, collaborate, and celebrate our community through events and programming; both exclusive to our Members and open to the general public. Membership includes all utilities, AC, fibre-optic wifi, and access to shared kitchenette & washroom facilities.
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9909 Private Studios

Affectionately known as our ‘clean’ studio spaces, we offer several options:

Interior A (140 sq ft) - $400.00 + GST / month.
Interior B (280 sq ft) - $600.00 + GST / month.
Curbside (280 sq ft) - $800.00 + GST / month.

9911 Individual Studios

Bright, open-concept studio with individual workspaces for visual artists. Each studio is approximately 4.5ft long x 8ft wide and is equipped with a minimum of one electrical outlet.

Monthly rate for individual studios are $275.00/month + GST and includes access to our community gallery space located inside Caffè Sole.

Jewelry Studio

Located in its own clubhouse is our studio for jewelry designers. This space includes 6 individual workstations, a mess sink, torch area, and plenty of shelving. All workstations are equipped with an electrical outlet and set of lockable drawers for storage.

Monthly rate for dedicated workstations are $225.00 + GST and includes access to our display showcase located inside Caffè Sole. Drop-in rates (2 benches) TBD.


Ceramics Studio

Our spacious ceramics studio includes 10 individual workstations, 3 kilns, 6 wheels, mixing & glaze rooms, mess sinks, large communal work tables, wedging tables, and more shelving than you could ever imagine.

Community Membership: $200.00/month + GST

Membership offers 24/7 access to facility and individual storage cupboard. Supply fees extra.

Dedicated Studios for Ceramic Artists:
8ft long x 4.5ft wide - $300.00/month + GST

13.5ft long x 8ft wide - $350.00/month + GST

Open-concept studio with 8 individual workspaces. Each space is equipped with a table, set of drawers for storage, and baker’s cart. Membership includes access to our display showcase located inside Caffè Sole. Supply fees extra.

For more information & to book a studio orientation, please contact:

Information on daily drop-in rates, classes and workshops coming soon!