9909 Studios

3500 square feet of private offices, or ‘clean’ studio space. These spaces are best suited to small, arts-centered non-profits and start-ups, designers, fibre artists, photographers, folks working in fashion, film, and the like. These studios range in size; from 140 sq ft to 280 sq ft. All of which have windows that face a skylit hallway.

9911 Studios

This space includes 6 individual studio spaces for visual artists in an open-concept workspace. Affectionally dubbed our ‘messy’ studios, each studio is approximately 14.5ft long by 8ft wide.

Ceramics Studio

Our ceramics studio is bright and spacious with more storage than you could ever imagine! Our main studio space contains 20 individual workspaces in addition to 2 large, communal work tables. We currently have 8 wheels and 2 electric kilns.

In addition to our main ceramics studio, we offer 8 dedicated studios for ceramic artists in an open-concept workspace. Each workspace is equipped with an electrical outlet, shelves and/or drawers for storage, table or desktop and baker’s cart.

Our jewelry studio boasts 6 stations for jewelry designers/makers; 4 dedicated + 2 drop-in benches. Each workspace is equipped with an electrical outlet, custom made desk, and set of drawers for storage. This room includes a shared sink, torch and machinery area, in addition to plenty of storage shelves.

Jewelry Studio